Executive Leadership Coaching

Leadership starts with character

How a leader deals with challenges tells you many things about their character. Dealing with a crisis almost certainly reveals character.
Today’s successful executive leaders require more than just the ability to review the numbers and measure performance. In today’s hybrid environment, you need the right people skills to get the most out of your team.
Chances are you’re committed to your growth, learning and development. However, it's human nature to struggle with change. Organisations face challenges every day and leaders will need to choose either character or compromise. Sometimes it can feel easier to continue to go down the wrong path, even though you know it's the wrong path.
It can be difficult to pinpoint exactly where you’re failing and how to adjust your leadership style to achieve the success you deserve.

Gain the Skills Required to Thrive in the Future of Work

As a leader, you face complex, dynamic and elusive obstacles. You need to continuously analyse what's currently going on right now and ensure you're heading in the right direction. In order to stay on track to reach your goals, you can benefit from a fresh perspective from someone like me who understands the nature of your current situation. I use my lessons learned to provide guidance and insights so that you can:

Communicate effectively no matter the situation


Create a high-performing work culture


Make sound decisions even under immense pressure


Here's How My Coaching Process Works

Every leader aspires to reach their potential in order to be as effective and successful as possible, be fulfilled and make a positive impact on others. But how can you best lead and motivate others without understanding the strategies employed by the most successful leaders?
Successful leaders build high performing teams and are therefore are able to influence transformational change and build effective organisations. Not many leaders get this right though. One of the primary challenges leaders must understand and overcome is how to build high performance teams.

My Executive Coaching assists via a three pronged approach:

1. Building the right teams and right people
2. Providing transparency on root cause analysis to influence decision making by identifying corporate barriers / work friction and underperformance (people, projects, process, technology)
3. Identify and resolve corporate cultural issues to improve employee motivation / experience (EX)

Specifically I will help you:

Assess the leadership team, identifying capability strengths as well as areas for improvement.
Teach you how to mentor and coach your direct reports to improve performance.
Provide an independent and honest perspective on how leaders are showing up, correlation to team performance and individual employee engagement.
Recommend quick wins based on key pivot points for maximum positive impact and long term strategic outcomes.
Provide insight on team formations and alignment.
Reveal areas and situations where team goals are misaligned and not incorporated into the strategic objectives of the organisation.
Identify inconsistencies with the vision, mission, values and objectives for the leadership team.
Provide insights on trust, mutual respect, commitment and accountability for results.

Here's How My Coaching Process Works


1. Schedule a call

We'll discuss your current challenges, and you'll get a feel for my leadership coaching style. You'll leave the call with an understanding of what areas of your leadership style need the most attention.

2. Get an actionable roadmap

I’ll create a personalised roadmap that breaks your challenges into smaller actionable steps, allowing you to focus on the right tasks to reach your goals. I’ll continue to provide you with insights and recommendations to keep you accountable every step along the way.

3. Become the leader you always imagined

Gain the confidence and skills to overcome the challenges that once obstructed your leadership abilities and be the leader your team needs.

What Others Are Saying About Stuart

“Stuart is not afraid to challenge anyone where he sees a more efficient way of tackling a problem.”
Director Delivery Capability / Optus

Be A Leader Who Commits to Transformation

The best way to lead is through example. If you want a team that pushes each other to be the best professional and personal selves every day, it’s time to develop your strengths and be the leader your team needs.
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